Sound Cuts Out

Hello everyone. I have taken off out of KSJC to PHKO and I got to cruise altitude and went to go get some lunch. I came back and my AirPods were in my ears. The sound randomly cut out off of my iPad. I thought my iPad connected to my AirPods so I turned off bluetooth. That didn’t do anything and the sound is not coming back. How do I fix this without having to end the flight?


I think just press pause and continue

That doesn’t do anything

Maybe try coming out the app, and going back in again. Don’t kill it, just go to the home screen and go back in to IF. This happened to me once and it worked.

I’ve tried that multiple times

Did you try disconnecting and reconnecting them? This fixed it for me once

This happened to me a while back. I tried everything but I couldn’t get anything to work. Sound will come back once your flight ends. My advice to you is to avoid using Bluetooth while flying. It’s not really a solution, but it’s better than nothing.

Known issue; can’t be resolved without restarting the app.

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I dont know if thats just a coincidence, but I once disconnected my headphones, and after reconnecting it was resolved

That happens to me when I split screen on my iPad to do my flight plan on simbrief and the sound just vanishes randomly and I can’t get it back. The only thing I can here in the app is the ATC.

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