Sound Cuts Out

Hi all! I am currently flying from Auckland to the Sunshine Coast and some of the sound has cut out. I am still able to make radio calls but the aircraft is dead silent. I have tested YouTube and it works fine. I have experienced this issue before.

9.7 inch Ipad 2017 128GB
iOS 11.4

Have you checked the sound volume in settings? It sounds like you have the SFX volume down.

Make sure you reboot your device after you have finished your current flight. Also, is your device jailbroken?

The SFX is all the way up…

No, my device is not jailbroken.

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Did you exit out of the app and then come back in?
Occasionally when you do that the sound can cut out. You are still able to do everything, but you don’t hear ATC communications.

I did that and it made no difference.

I was able to reproduce this
The sound cuts after you leave and re enter the app

However, I never left the app.

How about a reinstallation of the app (Infinite Flight) and then see if the sound cuts out? Also make sure that “Ringer” is on. If you have Ringer off then there will be no sound.

This happened to me earlier, all I did was press the home button and went back into IF. THIS MAY MAKE YOU RESTART IF

Ok. I have tried everything mentioned and the only thing that worked was exiting the app. It restarted and the sound is back now. Thanks for all of your help.

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