Sound cuts out while multitasking

On my flight, I am multitasking using the iOS feature and suddenly sound cuts out for about 1 minute then comes back on again. Is this a known bug? Thanks

@iOS_Aviator knows a lot about iOS maybe he knows…

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Hmm I should. Contact him on slack. Thanks!

But if you ask me is becuse of this multitasking feature…

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I believe this is just part of multitasking whare it is figuring out which imput to listen too. Nothing to be done, atleast not on IF’s side…

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Hmm, well I’m not watching videos though. Oh well

The best person you could contact is @schyllberg👍🏻 Think someone needs your help

Multitasking is the problem as iOS is pausing the app and kills some processes. Unfortunately there’s no fix we can apply for this in Infinite Flight.



It’s the same on android by the way

Hmm thanks guys for your help!

You do realize he is notified anyway since it is his topic right?