Sound cuts off in flight

Thanks for the info - this is definitely a strange one that we’ve not seen at all through beta.

Do you use IF Assistant on every flight? If so, could you maybe try flying without it for a bit to see if that impacts the issue?


Hey Cam, yes Assistant is set on every flight I do. I’ll try some flights without it.
I‘m not sure if it has something to do with switching the cameras from inside to outside view. But this is where I did recognize it. You barely here the engines in the cockpit. Switching to ac view I noticed the missing sound.

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Oh this gives me an idea - could you share a screenshot of what your Settings → Audio page looks like right now?

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Sure, I tried to change the settings here, to fix it. But I set it back to my normal settings.

Ah… okay, doesn’t line up with my hypothesis then. Thanks though!
Let me know how you get on without IF Assistant though, would be interested in seeing if potentially that’s causing an effect. Cheers!


Thanks for the help. I’ll report on this.


It doesn’t seem to be related to an issue with IF assiant. I found out that when I quit the game and wait some time and open it again it works.

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Hey, I’ve been trying to play around with this to understand a bit more what’s happening. I have a few questions:

  • You mentioned you weren’t using headphones; do you own AirPods or any bluetooth headphones that could accidentally connect at some point?
  • Are you experiencing this on long flights or shorter sessions mostly?


Hi Cam, I’ve some EarPods but when the issue occurs they were stored in their case. So imo this shouldn’t be a problem, right? This would also effect the whole sound. ATC was still working.
It happened the mos being on ground, 1 time in flight.

Thanks! Yeah, the AirPods bug has been happening sporadically for a number of years now but we haven’t found a consistent repro case to fix it fully

If you can, would mind ensuring Bluetooth is turned off on your next flight to see if that has any effect?

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Hey @Black_Bird, we’ve made some improvements to our sound system in the upcoming hotfix which should fix some cases where the sound could cut out. We’ll hopefully push this later this week


Hey Cam, nice to hear and thx. Fingers crossed 🤞 I’ll let you know.

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Hi @Cameron it seems to work again with the latest hotfix. Thanks.


Great to hear! Hopefully it should be more stable but keep us posted if it happens again :)


Hu, it happened again, no idea why. Could it be possible when using iOS‘ in parallel to IF? I create my fpl and switch windows. However, it doesn’t disconnect or pause the game meanwhile…

I used to have an issue that after switching apps sometimes the engine sound was gone.

Tapping the menu button always brought the sound back though.

Haven’t experienced that issue lately though.

What do you mean with Menu button in IF, the burger Icon?


Somehow tapping it once brought back the sound instead of going into the menu.

I haven’t been able to find a consistent repro for the sound disappearing though.

I almost clicked everything. Only a shut down of the app and waiting some time is brining the sound back.

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