Sound cuts off in flight

Hey, my sound cuts off in flight. And it never comes back. Restarting the device helps but it just cut off again. This happens every 2nd flight to me.
As I’m a loyal user for more than 3 years I’ve to ask you seriously: are you really aware of the tremendous quality problems you have?
Each and every update you tell us that issues get fixed. Just to realize that they are replaced with new ones.
these issues even prevents that I’m updating to new OS versions because I fear it does cause even more troubles.
With all honest respect this is completely destroying the fun I did and do have with this game. And I’m currently considering to renew my sub.

Thanks for your answer.

Device: iPadPro 13.8
Operating system: iOS 16.6.1


I’ll start by addressing the elephant in the post here.

Yes & no.
For starters, I would dare to say all software have flaws, bugs, glitches… call it what you want.
It’s an inevitable fact that simply can’t be avoided. It’s something that you of course try to avoid the best you can, but more than a few issues always slips through the cracks. And that’s often related to software updates that includes new or reworked functionality. So sure, you could call it quality problems. But I would say that it’s simply the nature of how software is in general. Everyone always tries to do their best of course but things will break. We do our best to get to the bottom of the issues reported by our users as quickly as humanly possible (massive hotfix is already being prepared) but depending on the type of issue, the time it takes for things to get fixed may vary.

In terms of the issues you’re reaching out about - it’s not something that have been reported at all earlier from anyone. So it would be good to know - are there any AirPods or similar involved or nearby? The behaviour you’re describing is rather similar to sound output switching that iOS does when there’s AirPods and more than 1 iOS device present. I have the same problem myself with Netflix and similar and my own things.

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Thanks for getting back to me!

You named it: when we’re talking about an elephant (metaphorical wise) we’re talking about bigger issues, not minor, right. I’m fully aware of what you said: things will always break. That’s normal.
As working with software related stuff myself in an enterprise company I’m fully aware of this topic. Things never get finished and often times hitting a slack. Nevertheless, things are getting critical when clients can’t do their job. Transferring it to my experience in game: yes I can fly without having a sound. Sure I can control despite the glitches and crashes. But does this count on a positive user experience. I doubt.
Don’t get me wrong on this, but I don’t see the issue on my side here. And didn’t have the experience in my first year when I started to play the game. I loved it, and that’s why i did stay loyal since then.

But apart talking about animals and software and getting back to the problem:
I never experienced it before 23.3
No EarPods or any other stuff attached. I’m running the same setup I did before. And it doesn’t always occur. This morning I did 3 attempts at EHAM. Restarting the app and the device before each flight.

100% on that. And we’re doing our best do squash the showstoppers before releasing anything.
But based on what I see with 23.3 for example - basically none of the ones that I would say are showstoppers now, were caught during the Beta cycle. And that’s rather surprising to me in one way but at the same time not, since those issues seems to be rather “targeted” and are only affecting certain users. And on top of that, there’s also the stores own “internal” testing (both manual and automated) that didn’t catch them either. It’s tricky as hell. But we’re doing our best and a lot of people in the team are putting in as many hours as there are on a day right now to get things sorted out.

Are you loosing all sound or is it just environmental/engines etc or text-to-speech (ATC)?

Engine and surrounding sounds. Everything related to communication is working.


Can you correlate the occurrence it with some sort of action taken on your side or something that happens on device or similar?
Trying to figure out a way to perhaps reproduce it and I do find it rather odd that we haven’t seen any reports of this before, especially not since it seems to happen very often to you.

Thanks for showing up with this bug. Yes, it’s a bug, especially when all other sound / sfx are still working

  • It refers only to ATC and Unicom, not engine or etc. sounds
  • It happens on iOS for a week or so (about the same time iPadOS 17 was available for download). Seems some users also got the issue on iPadOS 16.
  • For me, it happens more often few seconds after I’ve replied to a communication to ATC or sent a message on Unicom. It sounds like my reply ‘overlapped’ someone else communication?
  • It happens more often when I use the quick reply (when pressing and holding the reply button) rather than the normal buttons.
  • I do have AirPods but not in use while flying (in their case). Again, all other audio remains active, including IFAssistant

I hope these details, coupled with some other user cases, will help

In terms of priority level, I would say it’s pretty high because it affects comms between ATC and aircraft. Probably few violations could be saved if the radio was working normally. It is very hard to notice when a message is being send to us directly, so we need to maintain a constant look at the “headphones” icon at the bottom left corner to see if it blinks orange, while flying the plane.

Thanks for this extra info. The bug you are describing sounds separate to OP’s bug report, and we fixed that in 23.3 (it was a change in iOS 17 that we adapted for).

If you’re still having that issue consistently after a few days on the new update, let us know


Hi, it mostly happens to me on ground and while doing Pushback or taxiing to the gate. The odd thing is, that I can hear all ATC/com sounds. Also the sounds of IF assistant. The APU and Engine sounds, as well as wind is completely off. As I mentioned: since the new update. I started the same flight for the 4th time: no it’s working again. But it happened on different days with different flights.

Thanks for the info - this is definitely a strange one that we’ve not seen at all through beta.

Do you use IF Assistant on every flight? If so, could you maybe try flying without it for a bit to see if that impacts the issue?


Hey Cam, yes Assistant is set on every flight I do. I’ll try some flights without it.
I‘m not sure if it has something to do with switching the cameras from inside to outside view. But this is where I did recognize it. You barely here the engines in the cockpit. Switching to ac view I noticed the missing sound.

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Oh this gives me an idea - could you share a screenshot of what your Settings → Audio page looks like right now?

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Sure, I tried to change the settings here, to fix it. But I set it back to my normal settings.

Ah… okay, doesn’t line up with my hypothesis then. Thanks though!
Let me know how you get on without IF Assistant though, would be interested in seeing if potentially that’s causing an effect. Cheers!


Thanks for the help. I’ll report on this.


It doesn’t seem to be related to an issue with IF assiant. I found out that when I quit the game and wait some time and open it again it works.

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Hey, I’ve been trying to play around with this to understand a bit more what’s happening. I have a few questions:

  • You mentioned you weren’t using headphones; do you own AirPods or any bluetooth headphones that could accidentally connect at some point?
  • Are you experiencing this on long flights or shorter sessions mostly?


Hi Cam, I’ve some EarPods but when the issue occurs they were stored in their case. So imo this shouldn’t be a problem, right? This would also effect the whole sound. ATC was still working.
It happened the mos being on ground, 1 time in flight.

Thanks! Yeah, the AirPods bug has been happening sporadically for a number of years now but we haven’t found a consistent repro case to fix it fully

If you can, would mind ensuring Bluetooth is turned off on your next flight to see if that has any effect?

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Hey @Black_Bird, we’ve made some improvements to our sound system in the upcoming hotfix which should fix some cases where the sound could cut out. We’ll hopefully push this later this week