Sound after spool up

I have notice a sound after spool up on 777-300ERs
I have traveled on PIA and Emirates and noticed a sound like a metal sheet is struck be something Notice sound at 3:30 or 3:31 could somebody help understand this sound (0:55)
This sound comes on only the 77W
I have travelled on 777-200ER,777-200LR and 777-300ER but it only comes on the -300ER

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To me it sounds like something inside the cabin fell down when it started rolling but I could be wrong.


If you’re talking engine sound, that’s the sound of GE90 TOGA. While entering the runway i.e. Line up and Wait, they do not apply takeoff thrust once cleared for takeoff they apply TOGA thrust.


No the sound after toga like something fell in the plane but it comes on every 777-300ER

At first I too thought that something fell the galley in both PIA and Emirates but then i saw more videos and realized that it was something else

I’m flying on a 777-300ER the day after. I’ll let you know if this is a common occurrence or a coincidence.

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This sound will most probably come in Business class cabin as it is ahead of the engines

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View this and you’ll hear it and (0:55) here too

Could it be something in the over slidding around?

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I’m pretty sure it’s either something falls in the cabin or the bags in the overhead bin hitting the side.


I recently flew on an Emirates 777-200 and 777-300ER, and didn’t here this sound…


I fly the 777 a lot, and I hear this. I recently flew on one two weeks ago. I think it’s the sound of the chairs clipping in or something in that sorts.


Yeah because stuff falling down doesn’t sound like this

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You can also hear it in this clip; (Less prominent, but still there)

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Does anybody know what it is
Is there any 777 Pilot who we could ask

It’s very prominent in this one

@Heavydriver I think is a 777 pilot.

Do you have an explanation for this?


This is an A350 taking off and the sound appears too at about 5:35… sounds like probably things sliding in the overhead.

It has to be something sliding around in the over heads as I previously stated as well along with everyone else

Galley carts and beverage bins sliding against the stop. Nothing to worry about!