Sorry to the community

Alright guys this is getting a little off topic…


I was flagged twice in one day … if posting on just a few topics is allowed as basic profile and getting punished for trying to build reading time and a few posts … PM is the way I always try to contact a controller or about airport editing to keep traffic down.

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The irony… it’s a conversation. Nice job owning up to your past mistakes @Cheesecakeflyer, fun username as well.

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Thanks man! Pm me if you want any flight ideas

I don’t think people should flag topics because the answer is somewhere is somewhere else on the community. I saw that happened to you, and I think that’s unfair.

Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone on this community has gotten flagged at some point to so you are not alone

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I just love when users be honest and live up to there mistakes. Just stay positive :)


Apology accepted my guy

All of my posts have been flagged so far, thankfully some users are super kind and point out mistakes kindly. I also apologize for my mistakes as well. Sidebar is there a user manual with all the rules for the IFC if not can we make one to help new members (like myself) learn the rules


I accept your apology too. And check this out.

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Thanks you so much!

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Hopefully you’ll see this @Cheesecakeflyer when you get unbanned, or maybe you’ll see this when you’re logged out, i PMed you and warned you about not following the guidelines, why didn’t you listen to me? You even made this topic apologising then went straight back to not following the guidelines again, so unfortunately I don’t accept this apology. Now you’re banned for not following forum guidelines. I hope you’ll have learnt from your mistakes when you come back


The poor guy made a topic saying sorry and etc and he still got banned ROFL hopefully he come back even stronger


MaxSez: “Sorrow is a Sign of “Weakness”! John Wayne said that years ago in the movie “Sands of IwoJima”. That movie and admonition got me fired up so I joined the Marines LOL (true story).
I rarely say sorry now I just use “Regret(s)” except when I interact with my great grand kids. As for the original drafter and a few others here; “Sorry” you got busted, hope you learn from it”… G’day, MaxSends


I have man. Sorry

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Welcome back! This time I’ll accept your apology, I think you’ve learned from your mistakes. Apology accepted :)

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No need to be sorry. Everyone make mistakes.

Mistakes Have The Power To Turn You Into Something Better The You Were Before. -KushanwWizdom

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