Sorry to say, the crashing got worse

Hello, so IF crashes when the flight time goes 6+ hours, we’ll today this happened (not kidding)
Did some pattern work in a c172, game crashed

ATC at training at KLAX game crashed

Opened the app, game crashed before I even got in

Did one more try with pattern work with c172… Guesswhat? Game crash after 3 traffic patterns

And yes I have seen the “Game keeps crashing after 19.4 update” no need to link that.

Now the game is now Crashing Out Of Nowhere (and my wifi is pretty good, loading time is a average of .9 of a second to 1.5 seconds)


Best we can do is wait until 20.1


If you haven’t restarted your device, you should try that. Otherwise, try cleaning up your storage and clear your scenery cache, as it takes up a lot of space on your device.

Try doing those things before starting your next flight.

If you’ve already done those things, the best you can do is wait for that sweet, sweet 20.1 update.



I found this helped a lot clear long my cache

What device are you using? There’s some older devices I sometimes use for IF and I have experienced similar issues on.

I am using a iPhone 7 @Leron_Gundlur

And what graphics settings do you use? Have you restarted the device recently?

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I use High graphics, but I have anti aliasing thing off, I will also try restarting
Also, the high graphics were always compatible with my Device

I would not recommend having graphics to high on an iPhone 7 even without the memory leak to be honest.


Ok! I put it down a bit, do you think this is good for a 7?

Drop rendering resolution too. That one is more important than the other two.

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Ok I will do that

What do you recommend changing the setting to because i have a Iphone 7 too and IF continues to crash every 2-3 days. All my settings are meduim.
Please help!

It actually got better for me. It crashed for the first time in a long time yesterday and that was a 22h flight. I always restart my device before flying and I have to say it helps

There’s no default way of doing this, as different devices suffer different levels of degradation.
Best option (for now) is to follow the tips given in the Support FAQ (pinned in #support). A device restart helps a lot.

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Thank you very much I’ll go check it out

I’ve had the same issues, normally my app crashed as soon as I hit cruise altitude. 1/10 flights completed so far

I would just go to solo and try out different graphic settings to see which one works best. That’s what I usually do when I switch around on devices for IF.

Try make the graphics all to low, this will increase your power.
the iPhone 7 isn’t a good one to make it in high graphics, try that and probably will make your problem gone in short flights

Try to restart your cellphone before any flight, try clear the cache sometimes