Sorry to IFC

Hello everyone,

Hope all are doing okay. 2 months back i did a horrifying mistake by thinking to leave Infinite Flight. Didn’t mean to disrespect anyone but I’m not that mature enough i guess because the selection of my words went extremely wrong. I’ve troubled many staff members in order to get back to IFATC. I take full responsibility of the topic i made. I’m really sorry about it. I would like to apologise personally to Tyler, Laura, Jason and all the other staff members for taking your precious time for the stupidity i did. It was unprofessional of me to do that. Sorry to all the IFC members for leaving without any notice. I hope i could get back to IFATC. Not gonna make this a long one. Keeping it short. Thanks for reading.



It takes a lot to apologize on a public forum like this so respect for that. Now about IFATC unfortunately u cant just write an apology letter and expect to get back, u have to work for it. U did it once and u can do it again, u will be back in IFATC in no time. Glad to see u back :)

One more thing, yes some people wont please u all the time even the people who u should show respect to. This happened to me already but i kept my composure and nothing happened. Use this for the future if this happens again which i hope it doesnt

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Your second point is so true. I lost my composure and would need to pay a price for that. Hope i get a chance to prove back.

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We all make mistakes, and those mistakes can take you down a path you would’ve never wanted to go down.

Luckily, we are all humans, we were made to make mistakes and the best way to try and not repeat the same mistakes is by thinking through what you are going to say, thinking about the consequences, and then finally learning from the mistakes that were made.

Like my dad always says, “You make mistakes, you must learn from the mistakes, and then forget about it.”

What that means is, once you have made a mistake, you should rethink, take a step back, or take a second to figure out a better way to handle a situation, and once you have figured it out, say sorry then stop thinking about it and put it behind you.

Apologizing on a public community forum takes a lot to do, and I respect it.

Just remember that mistakes happen, and the best thing you can do is by taking a step back or rethinking or taking a different approach, learning from the mistake and then forgive and forget.


I appreciate you taking out time to write such a strong message. Thank You.

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You’ll be back, look @Declan’s past, then look at where he is now. you’ll be back 😁

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If I pinged the wrong supervisor, sorry.

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Tbh i don’t know about the matter of Declan but he is a great guy. Learnt a lot from him when i joined ifatc. Also we nearly control during the region changes and he settled small fights between me and other controllers who opened same time during region changes. Haha. Happy times!

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tbh shouldnt call him out like that imo


He made a whole topic on it… but k

The best guy

Welcome back

Everyone is always welcome here, no matter if they quit, stormed off in a huff, or went to a second tier flight sim! (hehe). Welcome back 😊