Sorry Saudia 001

Basically, Expert has become the new Training, Training has become the new Casual, and Casual has become the new Hell.

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It’s also not going to be helped to much by the new system. Of course, it’ll help, but not much in this aspect.

I think we need a new server, where expert is the most advanced if you’re not willing to go further.
There would be all the current rules on the ES.
But then we have a realistic server, where you have to take an entry exam. Like IFATC on Expert.

Which event was this mate?

Wasn’t it the Christmas Turkey one? Or am I just dumb and forgot?

This was last week, the GA aircraft one.

You aint dumb brother!
The Christmas turkey one was the only one with IFATC I did

Can we change the tide a bit? I was kinda going to do a fly out but…

Oh. Yeah then I am pretty sure it was that event. Also, been a while.

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Then don’t fly on TS.

It isn’t allowed to ghost people on training as far as I know ;)

A Mod, staff, or IFATC supervisor can, but not the general pilot.

Guys, the 1st and 3rd reply to this topic already answered the question. Is there any need for us all to repeat the same thing?