Sorry Saudia 001

Whoever Saudia 001 was on training server flying out of London Heathrow, I’m sorry I reported you. It was a complete accident and I was trying to copy your flight plan. Sorry mate!


You can’t report as a pilot due to the high abuse of it when you could.


Oh… I didn’t know that.

Yes. It’s there, but it doesn’t do anything. Only mods/staff and IFATC supervisors can report as a pilot.


wish it could have been used by pilots, i was at EGLL on the training server this morning and there was someone landing into other planes on purpose, while everyone else was trying to fly normally, ruinined my flight watching people doing that outside of casual and i knew i couldnt do anything about it


it used to an option, if enough people hit it, you would go “Invisible” But it was abused by trolls, and was therefore removed…

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makes sence, just wish people wouldnt abuse it

Almost the same thing happened to me! I was flying in to EGLL with a flybe Q400 and on SHORT FINAL, an A318 pulled in front of me and I had to go around. Also on a training server.

Yeah, the whole report system is kind of crappy if you ask me. I mean don’t get me wrong it works fine, but not allowing normal pilots to use it kind of ruins it for people who just want to fly normally without having people literally flying into you. I wish there were a way to improve the report system for non mods/IFATC. However, sadly at the moment there isn’t.

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Happened here when I was on training server on final at Tampa and there was a controller but the pilot was post to land on the other runway but instead he landed right behind me.

If you want none of this to happen fly to less busier TS airports or fly on the ES


Yes, try Expert Server. It will surely be treated better. Of course it is stupid if someone is bothering you, but it’s called Training Server. It can be a beginner who is training.


The person who i was watching land onto other peoples planes was a grade 5, definitely a troll, not a beginner

It’s a shame too because the people we’re trying to report are the people who would abuse it. Mostly

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Well there is a major difference between those two. A troll is a person purposely flying horrible, crashing into people, holding up the runway (placing your plane across it to block the runway), etc. While a person training actually will noticeably try to fly realistically. There have also been cases where trolls have made it to Expert Server and abused the report system before it was changed. So there is going to be a problem no matter what server your in.

Hmm then that’s really stupid. But as I said on Expert, nobody dares to do that.

Well, funny story, I actually got reported by the IFATC on FNF last week for flying too close even though we were at least 2,000 feet apart.

Actually, yes, they do. Trolls can switch accounts and keep racking up to different grades if they want. So if a troll gets ghosted, they can switch accounts and troll again. This actually happens, and it gets really bad.

I held an event with @George_Flack a while back on expert and some guy came in trolling. We had him ghosted as IFATC was at the event. Then another troll came in minutes after we ghosted the last one and started trolling. Either it was a raid or the same guy switched accounts. I believe the IP was found to be the same between the two accounts, but I might be wrong.


Yeah ive seen people troll on expert and ive heard that its only been getting worse

Especially now there are more people than ever on the server because of COVID-19