Sorry for the Poor Service in ATC Playground

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Do reply to this topic if you wish to make a comment regarding my provision of ATC services :)

No hassles, no confusing/duplicated messages, nice experience with ATC. Though I want to see how you manage both Ground and Tower when Singapore & Kuala Lumpur is busy.

Haha but you said your device cannot deal with busy SoCal xDD

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Nooooooo! Don’t do that. I always insist no matter what, and then just report the guy. It breaks everything, and even if the airport is empty it’s a bad practice because when your airspace will be busy, they will still expect you to clear them to the opposite runway even if you have 5 flights on final and 10 flights waiting for takeoff.

I can’t insist for I have insisted before and nobody bothered to obey and what’s the point of reporting if it’s technically legal especially when the tailwind is still acceptable?

Is that realistic though? Would controllers allow such takeoffs and landings? (I really don’t know)

In any case insisting is good even if they don’t bother to obey. Others hear that, together you may ghost that person, next time they’ll think twice. Maybe.

Well it’s on Playground which is why I can’t do anything about it since you mention ghosting.

Picture this: The active runway is now 02 and the wind has changed in favour of 20 and therefore flights using 02 stay put while those waiting at 20 takeoff

In my opinion, it is acceptable so long airborne traffic does not conflict. I don’t just clear opposite traffic for takeoff just like that, I survey the air and see whether conflicts may happen or not.

Furthermore, I have idiots ignoring my instructions and then people will say come to Advanced if you want something better and I will just say I am waiting for my test.

Also, when I first started providing ATS, I was very strict - 02L and 02C means 02L and 02C and I completely ignore those who rebel against me and taxi to 20R and 20C but today I have learnt to be flexible and forgiving, as long as the circumstances permit, a takeoff clearance will be issued.

You report and tell it repeatedly to check help pages; when I hear that from ATC I also report that flight. One more person reports and they’re ghosted.

How do you solve conflicts though, I wish Tower could tell flights to “turn left heading xxx” or something like this but we can’t.

I don’t forgive and don’t forget :) Just like real life ATC

I understand what you’re trying to say here but this is Playground and there are new pilots here and there… Anyways, by sending “Check Help Pages”, it’s an international sign to other players to report that particular player? How I solve conflicts is prevention, when I see that two aircraft are about to get too near to each other, I will tell one of it to make a 360. If it doesn’t, I can’t do much anyway. To me, this is my passion, this is what I delight in.

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