Sorry for the Poor Service in ATC Playground

I humbly admit my mistakes and flaws and would appreciate any feedback. I know Mike B has one but he didn’t explicitly mention me.

So guys, there are some points to take note as sometimes these are inevitable:

  • When I do not declare that the frequency is closed, that means my IF crashed and I’ll be back within minutes
  • (In calm wind) When I instruct you to taxi to 02C, you can request for 20C but expect delays
  • (In strong tailwind) When I instruct you to taxi to 02C, please follow instructions.
  • Flying into Singapore means you gotta follow the rules set by the CAAS man! Lol
  • Maximum permitted tailwind is 10 kts, anything more than that, you have to takeoff with a headwind.
  • So yea, don’t give me headaches by taxiing to 20C or 20R when 02L and 02C are the only suitable runways in terms of wind conditions
  • As for Mike B getting pissed with state intentions, I will only do so if I don’t see a filed flight plan. So guys, always file your flight plan as we ATCs can see them :)
  • If you request for taxi to runway but are still parked at gate, you’ll receive a Pushback Approved message instead (Edit: This no longer applies as I now allow taxi requests first before pushback requests though this not done IRL)
  • Never stay on the runway, this applies IRL too unless you have an emergency which well IF doesn’t provide for that just yet…
  • No need to rush when vacating runway, vacate on the most suitable RET so you don’t have to make a sharp turn
  • In real life, 02L is usually used for landings. Takeoff operations only happen at dawn but this is a flexible thing based on traffic conditions. 02C on the other hand is for takeoff but landing is permitted as well, though spare a thought for those holding short of 02C…
  • Biggest Flaw: No APP or CTR controller - It’s usually the case so I hope you guys will be more forgiving if the realism isn’t there
  • Handing off to WMKJ_TWR: I’ll only do this when there’s an active ATC there but yea, what we need are loyal controllers for WSSS_APP and WSJC_CTR
  • Do not takeoff on the displaced threshold on RWY 20R - as per real life, instead taxi to the runway then start taking off.
  • Transition Altitude: 11,000ft
  • Transition Level: FL130

Lastly, I am a true red Singaporean so this is why I am so loyal to WSSS :)

Guys, do reply below if you wish to feedback on my services, thanks!


Just so it’s clear, this happened in the Playground Server…not advanced!


Yes, my bad for not stating.

If you are an advanced controller you shouldn’t be controlling on PG though…

I’m not an Advanced controller just yet… But I’ve joined IFATC’s Facebook group

Oh well just be careful putting IFATC in your profile:) Confused me

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My bad… Will remove it haha

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We have Facebook group? 😱 @jreilly2311

What Facebook group?

How would I know? Just don’t get all sarcastic about it.

Something tells me it’s not a “official” group. Else both me & Joe would know.

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Hah. Well, i did find the group but i only recognized like one name of all the 200+ members.

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All I can say: If you’re going to become an Advanced Controller, go into slack and see the unfolding chaos. It’s madness. And one little error, you’re gone. They’re like crocodiles. But otherwise, don’t stuff up everything and you’re in for an entertaining time! :D


I remember we had the facebook group chat for comms. for very long ago although I don’t remember anything about a group?

Anyways, @NatIsrael972 everyone make mistakes, you will learn with time :)

Most aircraft were allowed to take off and land with a tailwind component of up to 15 kts.


Not my bad but I remember for Singapore, it’s 5 knots but I’ll check the AIP again

Ok my bad, it’s 10 knots but it’s still lower than your stipulated speed of 15 knots… I guess Singapore only wants safety and that’s all

This has nothing to do with airport procedures, most of the heavy aircraft have a tailwind limitation of 15 kts.

Well I’m the ATC there so the 15 kts wouldn’t apply if IRL, it doesn’t apply as well.

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Ok you’re the boss -.-

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Hahaha only when I control… But yea thanks guys for the reminder, I kept thinking it’s 5 knots for some reason… lol