Sorry for leaving without warning at EBBR Approach

Sorry United 221 757 trying to land at Brussels 25L I was trying to vector you to the ILS at RWY 25L but my iPad switched off due to lack of battery. I’m sorry for leaving you in the woods.

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In future make sure your IPad has enough battery before beginning a session. Also try to PM the pilot if you know their name on the forum and not make a standalone thread. Also don’t worry about this this happens to everyone every once in a while :)


was this on expert?

Have you read his post

You guys are weird…

He IS the controller.


Haha i know. I read it over. I have to read stuff twice lol…

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No worries I realised I made a mistake in mine aswell lol

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@Boeing777x. Great Personal Touch Controller! We need more collegiality between communities. This is a first Step "“Well Done” Maximage


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