Sorry for judging your VA

In what way?

  • Some people are not native English speakers
  • Truly this has no reason to be closed, but mods can decide.
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Biased in the way of discriminating other VAs and advertising handpicked VAs.

No VA is terrible.


I’ve asked the mods, they’re looking into it, we’ll see…

Even if English isn’t his native language, well it isn’t mine either, he should at least consult someone for grammar corrections before releasing this out…

Personally, I just think this would incite hatred…

If you have so much to say about the VAs, contact them personally about the problem. It’s way better than announcing their problems…


That is not biased, it would be biased if a VA paid him for a positive review

Then why is his VA officially already accepted?? @dasabel100


Alright, you got a point there.

@Sam1 As a VA Enthusiast, I think this is just wrong. I agree with everything @Thomas_Oehrling has stated. VADC has provided criteria and has done extensive periodical checking. This thread is biased, it is obviously opinion based and it brings down the ability for a VA to succeed. If you feel something is wrong with a VA, PM the owner so they can work on the issues that they probably did not know they had.

I am sorry but I am against this.


This puts a bad name on people who are genuinely trying to help people out I’m worried the mods will shut down consulting for everyone after this :/

@Sam1 could you tell me who your representative in TravelSky is?

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No I told hem he will stay private. And I’m shutting down this thing! Anyone that needs VA advisor I can help

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I don’t think anyone will you as a VA adviser after this thread.

VADC had a big list & had a set of requirements you just pick VAs that you like.


@Sam1 add International Cargo Group to the list

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Who did you contact from SKY?

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It’s nice of you to provide your services @Sam1, if you want to show yourself as a virtual “helper” than you can become an employee at Sketch Flight Designing, we offer virtual helper positions which is basically what you do.

To apply, go to our current website. Sketch flight is a proper organisation/company, soon we will be releasing a payment system towards our staff.


Payment? Really?

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There’s a really big difference between “fell” and “feel”.

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I sorta tend to agree with this unfortunately. He joined my airline looking to be a staff member and looking to run the airline when I’m away. That’s a big red flag to me and my VA Staff.

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