Sorry for judging your VA

It has been closed down permanently, sorry for getting you ALL upset! I’m remaining as a VA consultant and I’m going to help anyone that needs help!
Thanks for accepting my apologies please Like so know that I have been forgiven by you!
I just wanted to make a VA help thing cause I’m tired of sketch flight and others posting stuff about how you should run your VA… To all the VA consultant’s please don’t tell them how to run there VA of they need help they will ask! Sketch flight if they have a website or logo please don’t say anything! And anyone that thinks they are helping they probably aren’t! Please don’t say rude things to our VA owners! Would you like it if I said that your website needs better pages! Or you need a better logo! Your leverys I bad! Please don’t say anything! you do say rude things I don’t want to show you post’s

Thanks everyone this will make others feel better

Great ! You’ve adding TravelSky Airlines!
Just correct your “Travisky” fault and all’ll be perfect

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This is very bad how do you establish what is a good VA is when you haven’t checked all airlines? You have a myriad of spelling mistakes on your website.

Grammar is awful I suggest you sort that out too.

Ryanair is unlisted would love to see where you would put us?


Look at it now

Look at what? If you put Ryanair as approved I want to know why? Not some wishy washy answer about “VA stuff” and “lack of communication” how do you know what is going on behind the scenes?


My issues:

  • Doesn’t have a list of requirements
  • Did not ask for permission
  • As soon as you kick up a fuss they will approve you without actually checking your airline
  • Has been spying on airlines

Whether or not this was done with good intentions VADC had far more ethics than this.
Evidence in this site:
`Imgur: The magic of the Internet


This is exactly what we do, except we don’t care about whether or not a website is ‘easy’


All I want is for everyone to see the best VAs so they don’t apply and wait 2-3 days for a bad VA, we have a list of requirements in about I have not been spying I just ask Pilots what they think and if they have problems what are they

Listen, the idea is fine and even thought the idea is the same as VADC you’re allowed to continue this. However, to be able to rate a VA as ‘bad’, you need to have these:

  • A list of requirements
  • Evidence of the VA not meeting these requirements
  • Consistent check methods

I’ve seen none of these yet.


in addition to the fact that as a VA owner i feel violated sending pilots into my airline without informing me to judge me. Not cool man


When did I say they were bad? I said I didn’t recommend them, we have a list of requirements on “about” page under “home” we will show evidence later but I’m not showing the pilots. And we have only been open for 40 minutes!

happy christmas


Sorry for that I will change that I’m French so sometimes I forget to check that

What if I, as owner of a VA, don’t want to be checked?


Now you see how it is, don’t you? We explicitly requested VADC not check us and instead get harassed for not wanting to be checked. Do unto others as you want done unto yourself


You need to advise the criteria that you are using in order to decide if they are on your approved list or otherwise. That means people will then be able to make a fair appraisal otherwise its just your opnion.


VADC didnt:

  1. Send says into your airline
  2. Approve airlines without actually checking them

I’m not even going to continue.

Oh god, it begins again…

Correct your English.
Add all VAs in.
Have a polite tone.

Else, close it.


Also, this is biased