Sorry for bothering y'all; I just have a question for the devs/mods/whoever wants to post here

Hi there everybody!
I’m @Big_Chungus , and I’ve been an eager Pro user since 2018. Recently, I’ve been getting back into the game following the inevitable avalanche of schoolwork that I’ve been going through since school returned in August. I’ve been itching to go onto the Expert server for a while (I was ghosted by Washington Center when I didn’t slow down past 250kts over Baltimore back in May or so), but my L3 violation count per year bars me from doing so, as I have 6 of them compared to the 5 needed to go on said server. Checking my logbook, I’ll be unable to do so until late December or so, which is kinda depressing; I was wondering whether I could cancel my yearly subscription (which won’t expire until mid-May) now and still be able to use the remaining days I have left on Pro later when I can use them to the fullest on the expert server.

If anybody has advice, anecdotes, or otherwise wants to drop in with their two cents, I’m definitely down to hear it. Thanks everyone!

(edit to clarify: I was wondering whether I could use said days after my Pro subscription would’ve ended automatically, i.e. after May 11th. Thanks @Z-Tube for helping me out though :) )

If they were recent you could try to get an appeal but I think its past that point

No, you cannot, sadly. Once your subscription is cancelled, the remaining days follow as if the subscription was still active.

On another note, sorry to hear that you may be drifting away from flying the virtual skies. Always a shame to see someone leave.


Do you have any of these L2/3 reports in the past week? If so, you can attempt to appeal them

There is no way unfortunately to cancel the amount of days you have left of your sub until you come back.

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