Sorry for bad controlling!

For those on the advanced server that came to London City:

Sorry if I made you wait so long in line for takeoff. There was a huge line for landing and I wanted to ensure that everyone had proper sequencing and spacing. There was a moment where 3 aircraft entered the runway without clearance without me noticing. Please make sure you request takeoff first and I will also you to backtaxi down the runway. I’ve never had this much traffic at an airport like this especially an airport with one runway. I may have sequenced you incorrectly many times but I eventually corrected my mistakes.

I don’t really have a valid excuse for this. I am part of IFATC and I must always be aware of what I’m doing in and around my airspace.

Again, sorry for the terrible controlling.

-CptNathanHope, IFATC trainee


Having a line on EGLC isn’t bad controlling :) People who spawn know that they have to wait - otherwise they can disconnect :)


One of my first sessions as an IFATC was at EGLC. I feel your pain


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Were you controlling Heathrow? Because I saw a couple of warnings saying 'you were not cleared to enter the runway"

He’s only an ATC Trainee, which means he can’t access class Bravo airports such as Heathrow

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How many people used aircraft like the a318 or smaller, cause I heard EGLC cannot handle any aircraft bigger than the a318

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Even the A318 can’t be filled to be full load though

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Then Airbus needs to make the A317
Ba Dum tss


ATC is a very stressful position and requires a lot of focus and patience. It takes time to really get a good grasp of it. And at the end of the day, everyone makes mistakes and don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s all good man ;)

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I allow unrealistic operations at London City. If anyone comes with anything bigger than a 737, I deny entry.

I was at London City. I can’t access Charlie or Bravo airports yet.


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