Sorry for ATC at OAIX

Hey everyone.
I wanna apologise for my service at Bagram (OAIX) for this FNF.

It’s a difficult airport, with the hold-short lines between the two runways pretty much non existent. It took me a while to get accustomed to the layout, and as a result, some violations might have been issued which were the result of sheer inexperience. (They’ve all been reversed, hopefully.)I’m a newly-qualified IFATC specialist, and I know the standards are high. I’m sorry about any bad service proffered at OAIX.

I’m always looking to improve. Thanks for all the pilots who showed faith in me and my ridiculous abilities and sorry yall had to hold for so long! I apologise on behalf of my skills as a controller.


Everybody makes mistakes and the important thing is to focus on the experience and lessons we can learn from them. Looks like you’ve already done that, so feel good for that.

OAIX airport layout is complex, so yes, it might be difficult for new controllers specially considering the traffic levels of the FNF.


Learning experience. The key word being learning. Don’t sweat it. Experience doesn’t come without failure. 😉


Yep! They’re absolutely right, we all make mistakes. OAIX is a weird setup for me too, but in times of high stress, try to remain calm. Works for me 😇


Don’t worry about it, we all make mistakes! I know I was very confused when I was trying to figure out OAIX as a pilot as well lol.


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