"Sorry, but the file you provided is empty."

I’m getting this weird issue. Whenever I try to upload a screenshot, I get this message: “Sorry, but the file you provided is empty.”

I can’t upload a screenshot, because you know…

I am using an Android 9 Umidigi F1, on a Chrome Canary browser. I use the PWA or Progressive Web App, however can replicate on other browsers and such. Restart does not help either.


Is this limited to a certain screenshot or do all screenshots/photos you try to upload give you this error?

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What format is the file you are attempting to upload?

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All of them.

JPG @Aceorbit

When do you get that message. Right after selecting the file or when you post the message?

Right after selecting it.

Have you tried a different file or does it happen with all files?

So it happens with Chrome and PWA? What happens if you download the Discourse app and try it with that?

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All files. I’ll try as soon as possible.


Alright, it works with the Discourse app. Thanks, Chris!

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