Sorry about the bad ATC service

Hey guys, I was controlling YSSY Tower and there was a big line for runway 34L, people wouldn’t request frequency change after crossing a runway, and there were lots of inbounds. Would like to say sorry for no exit instructions after landing if you were one of the aircraft that were under the control of me. Hope you all can understand.


It’s understandable, but it’s best to slowly work your way up and really get a grip on how to handle these situations. If all frequencies were active, it’s important that everyone plays their part in the team that is controlling a hub. It’s best to have a plan and strategy and to make sure you’re prepared and know what you’re doing when you hit that control button.


I controlled ground frequencies for the past few days, but wanted to challenge my self to Tower, but I will control Ground after this

Well, I’m not saying that you should go back to ground, or else you’ll never learn. Maybe if you controlled the hub later in the night where there is light-medium traffic and work your way up to times where traffic is dense, it’ll be a seamless and easier experience overall. :)

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Yeah true I took note of what you said

It’s how I personally got up to working big airports. I would control at night when people are finishing up their flights for the day or just leaving for their overnight flight, and over time, I gained more and more experience, and I barely even realized the difference when I started to control hubs earlier in the day.

I do the same thing ^^ I usually control right at region change when the traffic is pretty slow but manageable. today is the first day I controlled a hub not at region change in a while. I much prefer controlling at 0600Z.

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Just asking out of curiosity ;) Was that In TS server or Expert?

Expert server

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YSSY is featured today on expert.

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Oh Nice! 😄

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@Henry everyone has there learning experiences and this was one for you and im sure you will be better prepared to do it in the future! I also 100% agree with @ShaneAviation’s first post.

Stay Safe,
Blake | Founder USA ATC

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As @USA_ATC said, there is nothing wrong with making a few mistakes. We have all made them. I mean, I got a level 3 vio the other week. So instead of letting it get to me, I realized it was a mistake and I learned from it. If anything, you are meant to make mistakes because that will make you a better pilot or IFATC controller. Experience, learn, get better. That is my motto.

I hope to see you in the skies or as a pilot or a controller,

Best of luck and may the skies be ever with you!

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It takes a good person to admit their mistakes, but it takes a great person to change for the better from those mistakes. I completely understand your situation, cause I’ve been in stressful situations and made mistakes before too, not necessarily with IFATC, but in IF and other situations. Don’t sweat it — we all make mistakes sometimes, and we use them to learn and change for the better. Wether it be in the virtual control tower, virtual cockpit, or in real life, it’s ok to make mistakes, just as long as you learn from them and try to improve.

See you in the control tower again soon, and have fun!

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You were amazing, and the small mistakes do not erase the great effort you presented … We all make mistakes and learn from our previous mistakes. Few people admit his mistakes and this indicates that you will be stronger in the future 👍🏻


We can all understand, maybe try one of the smaller places like Bankstown since there most likely won’t be as much traffic there

@Henry As everyone said before, this is a great learning experience for you! As a suggestion, try opening class charlies. When you feel confident or want a challenge, give class bravos a shot! 🙂

You will do great!