Sorry about delays at PHOG on Expert

Hello IF community,

If you were being controlled by me at PHOG in two hours ago or so, sorry about the lengthy delays. I really was faced with a mix of problem. I’ve listed them for your convenience:

  1. Huge amount of traffic (I really mean a lot).
  2. White Aircraft. If you contacted PHOG tower and didn’t get a response it was because I couldn’t respond to you (it’s a bug where you are a white aircraft instead of a blue one).
  3. Multiple Requests because Pilots were not being responded to fast enough (I mean, if these pilots didn’t get a response in 5 seconds their standard operation procedure is to ask again).
  4. Pilots lack of knowledge about standard ATC commands (Seriously if you don’t know what to do or how to respond after ATC says something GET OFF THE EXPERT SERVER).
  5. Last but not least, Nimrods. Stupid bloody NIMRODS (I really have nothing to say for this, just go away( AND OFF THE EXPERT SERVER).

I know a lot of IFATC have made topics on this but I simply don’t think the message is getting across. The biggest point I have to say is Expert Server is for experts. Please don’t come on it until you really are an expert. It’s stressful enough for us IFATC since the last update because of the increased amount of traffic. I haven’t even handled anywhere near as much traffic as some of the other controllers do. Please don’t give us a hard time. AND NO NIMRODS.



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