Sorry about Bad Controlling @ PHTO Advanced (Tower)

I’m sorry if anyone had a bad experience at PHTO today. It first started out when I had to make a runway change from 08 to 26 (which is the same runway just different sides of it) and then after my approach left it went down hill from there. I had many aircraft inbound at once and also during that my ground left I ended being the only left for about 5 min until another controller took over ground. My mistake for some of the go- arounds that happened but I’m also not happy with the fact that people were coming at 220kts on final which made it hard to get aircraft out. Anyway aside from the rant I would like to apologize for what happened.


I wasn’t there but, thanks letting the people who were, know :)

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Thanks for controlling at the TFS Event !
You did an AWESOME Job in my opinion.

From where I was looking, you did an amazing job

u did well my bad for the fast approach speed

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