Sooo what now?

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As it says, “Try Again Shortly” :)

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I waited 10 minutes 😣

Servers are also experiencing most likely an overload of people. It may take a few minutes to successfully connect.

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I have the same issue, I can get in but when I try to connect my forum it takes me to a page then I click authorize and then it crashes and I’ve been tryin for like 25 min lol. But it’s ok 🤷‍♂️👍. Lmk if anyone has same issue. Great work tho. 🏎 😋

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Thanks, the developers are checking.


You’re not the only one 😂

Let’s wait, be patient-devs are looking into it 👍

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I can confirm blitz was right just “wait and try again shortly” because I am in now :)

October 26, 2020…


I’m going to wait and try again later.

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That had happened in open-beta and was fixed. You have your account connected yet?

I have the same issues. Even just sitting on the gate without doing anything it does it.

Yes, everything done correctly

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After I have updated the app, I get the same error:

I guess I will just wait, I don’t trust this system and don’t want to lose my statistics.
Using a Samsung S10 in Germany with a 6 Months Pro Subscription.

And to be clear, I am very patient and give the developers all the time they need to fix it. I just wanted to give them some additional info about the issue. :)

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Just wait. Make a cuppa. Do something which scares you. Floss. Live in Northern California once (no, hang on, this is some completely different advice).

Seriously, just have patience. The developers will have a million fires to put out right after a release and extra people charging in on the news won’t be helping; believe me, I do it for a living.


As said above, be patient

The Developers are working on this and soon It will be fixed!

You’ll be enjoying the 20.2 update very soon ;)

i had the same issue but i solved it. Just Reconnect your IFC account. then Restart the app. Make sure Your IFC callsign have the same with IF app callsign

you wont loose your stats, they can be restored if needed, dont worry

Ah, I managed to get back into my account with the google login.
My statistics are there (phew), but my subscription is somehow not being recognized. :/

I restarted the app many times now, it’s clearly a big issue with the servers not my internet or device, so let’s wait it till the devs can announce the fix.

It was like this last time too, so nothing to worry about