Sony tablet p

Is the game supported on this device? Is it playable? Thanks

The Sony Tablet P clam shell dual folding screen design using the Amazon store has the minimum requirements to run Infinite Flight on low to medium graphics settings. However this unusual device never really caught on and so far I’m unaware of anybody with the device having any experience with Infinite Flight on it. Honest answer is, it should work fine, but I just don’t know for sure. The dual folding screen design might have needs for unique optimization requirements for apps? If anybody knows the answer, please speak up.

Unless somebody with more specific experience with this unusual device speaks up with definitive answers, I’d say you might be the first to try Infinite Flight on this device and have to let us all know what the results are. You can ask Amazon for a refund if things don’t go well.

Hi, thanks for the reply, i popped up with this question because i dont have a tablet and i found a sony p for crazy cheap, and i didnt want to buy it if i was going to have problems with infinite flight simulator, but now i found one for the same price and i want to ask the same, will it work on a hp slate 7? (Should i ask this in a new thread??)

The Slate 7 would work but if you want my personal opinion I’d not buy either of these two devices. The Sony because it’s so unusual and has more questions than answers. The HP Slate 7 because it’s just slow and has a poor display. I’d suggest saving up for something better or keep shopping. However if you put a gun to my head and force me to choose between just these, I’d take the Slate, but being aware that it’s specs on paper are not at all related to its actual performance. Don’t settle if you can avoid it. Just an opinion for whatever it’s worth.

Ok, i think i will buy the slate, the problem here is that in my country all the technology is sold 4 times the original price, and for the famous brands the price drop is toooo slooow, for example, the slate costs me 85 USD and the galaxy tab 3 that has a better screen, etc but it’s almost the same, costs between 250 - 380 USD depending where are you going to buy it, and here we dont have much variety of models, also we have a lot of chinese devices like titan, kolke, xion, and a long etc, and all of these chinese devices costs as much or even more than the slate, but i prefer the slate because is hp, and i really dont have much money, i want to stay in that budget, what do you think now? By the way, i think that the slate is that cheap because it is not so famous and we are submerged in chinese sht

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I totally understand. We all do what we can. Just be prepared for some slow performance, or be sure to lower the graphics quality settings from the app settings. Always be careful to not leave any apps running in the background and do full power restarts often.
Good luck, and I hope to see you flying on Live.