Sonic Travel. Terrible for the Environment. Not Needed.

Supersonic travel has seen its fair share of ups and downs, from the launch and retirement of the Concorde to advancements in Fighter Jet capabilities. Although some people say the supersonic flight is the future, Supersonic Jets have a harrowing effect on the environment and our surroundings.

One of the reasons the Concorde failed, was that it was not viable and safe to fly anywhere besides over the Atlantic. Overland, a Sonic Booms Effects can last for miles, and can often cause structural damage to buildings. A study was conducted in 1971 right around the announcement of the Boeing 2707 sonic jet. The study involved fighter jets regularly breaking the sound barrier over Oklahoma City. Of the 500,000 residents, there were about 15,000 complaints about noise, shaking, etc. There were also about 10,000 claims of structural damage, including broken windows, crack formation, and shaking from the Sonic Boom.

We do not need Sonic Travel Today. If the sonic planes can only travel over the ocean, there will be less demand. This is another reason the Concorde Failed, why travel in a cramped seat for 4 hours, when you could spend the same money on an overnight flight in business class on a regular jet and get some sleep and be ready for the next day. It doesn’t make any sense. From a tourist point of view, sure take this once in a lifetime opportunity, but if you are flying regularly back and forth over the Atlantic, something more comfortable would most likely be better. Most of the airlines’ money comes from business class, and these business travelers would most likely prefer the overnight flight.

Many companies such as Boom Supersonic and Boeing are starting to look back at supersonic travel as an option. I do not feel that now is the time but at the proposed launch in early 2020’s to late 2040’s who knows? Maybe we will live in a different world.

Boeing Hypersonic Concept:


Boom Supersonic Concept

Feel free to leave any opinions positive or negative below, i would love to hear some different points of Views


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Excellent point, considering that the Boom Supersonic will hold less than half the capacity of the Concorde and the cost of airfare for the Supersonic is expensive in a time where airfare is only getting cheaper.

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Great point. I enjoy the way planes are right now, completely unnecessary.

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I’d disagree. The Concorde failure was due to how expensive it was to operate it, along with other reasons but seating wise on Concorde I doubt was due to it’s failure.


I don’t know why, but I like spending time in airplanes. Going faster would mean less time in the plane.🙁 Airline and airplane companies are trying to make their airplanes smoother and quieter. It would be inefficient to make comfier planes if passengers just get there faster not getting money’s worth. Just my opinion though. :)


I agree. Supersonic travel seems to be pushed only by the people that either don’t care for airplanes or want to make money off of supersonic traveling.

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I agree i enjoy flights very much even the 17 hour ones lol


Supersonic flight isn’t meant for the ordinary man. It’s for those who have money, while economically it was a disaster.

I don’t know about any of you other avgeeks, but I’m on the plane for the feel, the food, and the views.

The only positive I might see is if this aircraft comes into the market, there may be cheaper tickets for First/ Business class as some business travelers might prefer to fly on this aircraft as time is money for them.


True but like i said, why not just fly overnight, usually buisnesses are closed at night so take a business class flat bed for cheaper price and be fresh and ready the next morning

Well they way I see it, with supersonic flight around it will cause new advancements to other industries. Like new ways of building or new materials to build supersonic resistant. I like airplanes and all but I won’t sit on a plane for 10+ hours. Also most people who travel constantly are traveling for business, and it would be much better if the flight was shorter. I think supersonic travel is gonna. W the future.

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Sometimes it’s hard to find a good price for first class.💺

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It also harms the environment.🤷‍♂️

I agree, when the Concorde was used it was a disaster. The fact that only certain people could afford it was also pretty bad. It seems like people are fine with some 15 hour flights. I think the manufacturers should look into a SUPER long haul aircraft that can fly at .90-.95 during cruise. That would be pretty cool to see. I feel that that can work.


This is definitely a very cool concept, but we do need to consider the environment because companies are trying to lower carbon emissions and consumption. But maybe 10 15 years who knows where Aviation will be.

the reason planes do not fly directly below the speed of sound is because from about mach 0.8 the drag starts increasing exponentially. So it would require massive engine power to have a cruise speed right below the speed of sound. That is why planes generally cruise directly below (787,747,A330 ect.) or above (Concorde)


Honestly I think now is as good a time as any. We can make it much more efficient than the Concord. And we have clearly reached the maximum feasibil size since no one wants the A380 doesn’t sell, why not try faster?

Why is it bad that only certain people could afford it? Tourists don’t need to save 3 hours on a TATL trip, businesspeople do, and they are willing to pay a premium to do so.

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If they can make it affordable for the every day man then it’s great otherwise it isn’t.