Sonic Boom

Watching a pointless youtube video when suddenly BANG! It sounded like an explosion, doors shook and now all the dogs are whining. I thought it was a bomb. Pretty scary at first. The only explanation I can come to is that it was a sonic boom, as I heard the aircraft fly away after. I checked my family who reported the same as I did, then it happened again.

I thought sonic booms were not permitted over residential areas? Is this an emergency or an alien abduction. Just now, Harrogate, North Yorkshire.


If there is an unidentified aircraft approaching our airspace or built up population, they are allowed to break the sound barrier if the situation permits.

Usually it’s the RAF intercepting an airliner which has lost Comms, or heading off to intercept a Russian military aircraft approaching the boarder.

Vladimir likes to keep us on our toes these days.


It’s all good. They have been happening throughout the day where I live. Your near a military training zone which might explain.

Yeah it happens most times that QRF is deployed from RAF Coningsby

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Most likely!😂


Do you mean scary? ;)

Not too near. RAF Memwith Hill is being phased out. Not worth a strike if enough intelligence is known about it to make it a target.

Yes. Blame my teeny tiny phone.


They don’t do it over residential neighbourhoods regularly you are correct in that sense they only do it in extrem circumstances they may have said the reason online, google it I’m not to familiar with Air Force protocol so I could be completely wrong 😂

The pilot didnt like you doing that lol


Can confirm:

“Two RAF Typhoons flew over Yorkshire above the speed of sound to intercept an unidentified aircraft and guided it in for a safe landing somewhere. Sent from RAF Coningsby.”

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Yes saw it this morning

I was in the same situation, watching Mr Shelton’s youtube video at 21:50 and heard 2 explosions. later this morning I found out what the bang was.

the bang was from 2 typhoons flying at the speed of sound to catch up to a small aircraft who was unresponsive.

They landed in Oxford :)

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What would happen if they intercepted a plane, but their radio was unresponsive? Would they make hand gestures or something to signify that they will be landing? I knew you can turn your squawk to 7600.

they wave at each other.

Oh. That’s better than nothing.

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They would do speacialized hand gestures of what they are both trained to do and they would communicate that way. Hope that answers your question

Ok this is what happend the air Trafic controllers couldn’t get a hold of this French airlines plane so they contacted the raf to get two hurricanes ago go to the plane but the plane was far away so they got permission to break the sound barrier but as they were half the way there they gained contact with the plane so yea that’s what it was

That’s so sick to have eard it. I would wish to ear that beautiful sound of a plane breaking the speed of barrier.

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