Sonic Boom Effects

Aircraft sonic Boom effects

If you search the net for aircraft at mach 1, you will see a cloud created at on the plane. Hope the community will add that. Also boom sounds will be awesome (I know there are articles about boom sounds)


This topic asks for boom sounds. I ask for the mach1 cloud (vapor cone)


Umm, barrier is 641KTS not 1000KTS.

Ok I was just checking to be sure :)

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I’m pretty sure it actually depends on where you are. I’ve read and been told Mach 1 is different depending on Sea Level.


It’s around 900 kts that a aircraft can break the sound barrier :)

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It depends on the altitude


As said above it does depend on altitude but there is no conditions where you would get to 900 ktas before you broke the barrier.

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Turn the 9 around and you’ll get closer.

I live near a raf base about a month ago a French plane lost contact with ATC so they sent 2 f16 to go to the plane and make contact they were far away and they were given permission to break the sound barrier they went over 900 kts and it broke it.

We don’t Need this

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Oli H - I was lucky enough to see this in action at one time. It’s incredible!

I fully support this idea.

RIP headphone users :(

But this would still be an awesome addition. I was also thinking about this.

Well I played Extreme Landings Pro before and nah the boom isn’t too loud so if IF uses something similar, I guess headphone users won’t have to RIP 😂

Two f-16s? Not typhoons?

They may have broken the sound barrier and flown up to 900 kts, but you do not have to be going that fast to break it.

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