Sonic Boom Animation

A sonic boom occurs when an airplane, like a fighter jet, travels faster than the speed of sound. The blast followed by a white cone-like cloud surrounds the plane.

Sound barrier - Wikipedia

I think this feature would add extra realism to the game and make fighter jets more fun to play.

IMG Source: Vapor cone - Wikipedia

mod approved

This is something I’ve been thinking on before!
I really hope this will arrive one day!

hello!! , this is a great request I hope that it gets implemented into the sim, One note, if you please can you remove the #aircraft tag since this is not an aircraft request, you can keep the #misc tag tho!!!

Thank you , have an incredible day!!!

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yeah i should have put only misc

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thank you, I would’ve voted but I don’t have any votes left, and don’t forget to vote for yourself!!!

p.s you have my full support on this, once I free up a vote I will vote for you for sure!!

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This would be a great addition, however I feel that there would be too much work involved with physics engines to accurately portrait a visual cone in the simulated world. Based off of real-world, real-time weather and barometric data, not to mention that by doing so, it would probably dramatically increase the RTM-cost to be able to still turn a profit, it seems like a long shot that this simple visual amenity will get implemented.

What you are referring to is a vapor cone. A vapor cone, also known as shock collar or shock egg, is a visible cloud of condensed water that can sometimes form around an object moving at high speed through moist air, for example, an aircraft flying at transonic speeds at low altitude. When the localized air pressure around the object drops, so does the air temperature. The vapor condenses around an area of low pressure, which can be a sign of an aircraft about to go supersonic, however, the vapor in of itself is not a definite characteristic of supersonic travel.

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