Song ideas for Movie!

Hello everyone! I need some song ideas for a movie. You can see my previous one here if you want to know my ‘style’

No classic songs. There’s too many copyright issues.
I like dramatic music.
Don’t worry about copyright songs (present day - old songs will block the video). Have at it!


Literally go on the NCS YouTube page… There’s hundreds of non-copyright songs.

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1000 Ships From The Underworld is a good choice.

One of my personal favourites is “All Time Low” by Jon Bellion.

“Cradles” is also a great song for you - suits your style of editing.

You really be out here suggesting TikTok songs…

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Thomas Bergersen’s “Victory” is phenomenal for dramatic free cam pans and such.

@Vinne that’s great for tik toks 😂

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They have become Tik Tok songs?!

tik tok got ‘em too 😞


One Night (feat. Raphaella) - Single by MK & Sonny Fodera

Sunday Song - Single by Lane 8

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Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll look through them :)

this song is lit

I forgot if this one is Explicit, I don’t believe it is, but The Darkness by Hippie Sabotage is pretty good. It wouldn’t stray too far from your current song theme. It’s 2:23 mins long.

Edit: I just listened to it and checked Spotify, it is NOT explicit.

Jet Airliner! By Steve Miller band!

Ghosts NCS Release by Malik Bash
Neoetric Empire by Ben Moon

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