Somon Air 737 900


I know Somon air only has two 737 900s but I love the livery and I’m sure it would convince more people to purchase the 737 900😄

Somon Air 737-900ER

I would think that people would chose to purchase the plane if it had their home country’s livery in it. Not sure how many Tajikistanis (That what you call people from Tajikistan?) play Infinite Flight.


@Boeing707 I think
A. It’s a colourful livery that lots of people would like
B. People who have flown with the airline might be convinced to purchase it
C. People from neighboring countries might like it (I don’t think we have any airlines from that area of the world like Air Astana or Uzbekistan Airlines)
D. People who see the plane on a regular basis might like it. (If it flies into their local airport)
E. People with links to the country eg. relatives or friends might want to fly it
F. Most people want more liveries and the more liveries available the more likely they are to buy it😄


I’m guessing not many Egyptians play IF either, but Egyptair is available for the a333 …


I doubt there very many Icelanders who play IF but the Icelandair 757 is one of the most liked liveries in the game 😄🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸


Popularity/well-knowedness among players from a certain country may be a part of it too. I love Icelandair (And I’m not Icelandic) for example.


@Boeing707 I’m sure many people haven’t heard of Air Europa and/or some of the airline liveries from the Cessna 208, that’s said I do get your point. I seriously doubt any of my suggestions will ever be added to IF because there all so obscure. The majority of posts I make are just to see what other people make of my ideas and if anyone else feels the same way as me, but that’s said you never know one day one of my suggestions might be supprisingly popular😄


Some very likely will. Others (No offense) may not be. I consider Air Europa a healthy-sized airline. I would imagine something like BH Air not being well known.

Not many well-known airlines fly the 208. Not much they could do but add in the big ones, then the rest is small


I don’t hold out much hope for any of my requests😄. Also I just thought I’d add considering the 737 800 and 900 are the same price I think the amount of liveries should be a bit more similar (that’s said it hasn’t stopped me from buying both of them😄)