Somewhat longhaul @SBBR 041500Z JUN19

Does any one want to fly from SBBR to KMEM. MD-11F FEDEX.
Push when I push and start.

Spawn in at 11:00 am EST

@Speed_bird_50 Hey there, please follow the following rules on the forum when creating a group flight on the #live:groupflights. It just makes everything more simple. Please read! Thanks.

Oh year sorry I didn’t know if I was allowed to do this I have it written out

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No worries! I have changed the title for you. :)

Let’s be honest here, please have this in mind that you may or may not have someone flying with you. I have created a group flight more than once before and not a lot of people seem to join in unfortunately.

I am currently busy at the moment, some house work stuff. 👍

yes its ok.

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