Sometimes the internet produces Gold

So a new amazing incident is taking place in the helicopter world. One of the many jobs utility pilots have a chance to do is cutting trees down with chainsaws here’s an example of what it looks like.

Basically MD500s and machines of that type will use these to cut trees that are extremely close to power lines.
So fast forward to this morning in Georgia. A man posted a comment on Facebook looking for people who are aware of operators who do this. Apparently an aerial saw cut his tree stand he uses for hunting

Now you’re probably wondering how he knew a helicopter with a chainsaw cut his hunting stand? His game camera got a fantastic picture of it

At this moment no one has taken responsibility for this incident yet.


A very close shave then… 😁


Phil Swift from FlexTape takes sawing things in half to the next level here.


i SaWeD tHiS sTaNd In HaLf


Mark, you never cease to make my days bright 🙃


When I saw that picture I got the biggest kick out of it, I love helicopters

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Reasons why I stay inside:

  1. Flying chainsaw helicopters

Reasons why I prefer aviation rather than people:

  1. Flying chainsaw helicopters


Reasons why you could have found a better joke:

  1. Flying chainsaw helicopters

Reasons why this was unnecessary:

  1. It’s not nice 😢

Edit: apparently these two are bestest buds and I’m just that one guy… oh well continue on young whippersnappers.

Oh and nice post Guy who likes Rotors. Always like your RWA topics.


I wouldn’t say bestest buds but you get my point.

Thank you, always enjoy sharing some fun stories.

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The owner has been in contacted with the GA Forestry and they apologized and will help repair his hut!


Well I hoped they wood do that.


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Imagine you want to go hunting and than you realize that your hunting stand was mistaken with a tree and was cut down with a flying chainsaw. That is even crazier than the story of the landing gear of a helicopter that got stuck in a roof

How do the flying chainsaws work?

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