Sometimes the ATC confuses me, but at the same time they make me laugh

I was holding short of runway 24 at KNUC for about 20 minutes because Tower was letting aircraft 10+ nautical miles out land without letting anyone takeoff. It’s annoying and a tad frustrating when I want to start flying, only for it to be hindered due to the Air Traffic Control leaving, coming back, leaving, and doing silly stuff such as what I’ve just described above.

I know it might sound like complaining, and you’re not entirely wrong. But I want you to look at it like this.

You load up, get taxi permission, and stop behind an aircraft halfway over the hold short line. They decide to pushback, so now YOU need to pushback to make some room, so now the aircraft behind you need to do so, and the cycle continues. THEN after 10 minutes, the aircraft behind you is tired of waiting and just taxis through you and the aircraft in front of you, and NOW the aircraft in front of you decides to request permission to taxi to the runway from GROUND versus utilizing unicom to announce that they’re taking off. After that, you want to remain a good noodle so you wait, and wait, and wait for the never ending stream of landing aircraft to end. When it finally ends, you activate your strobes and go to unicom-BUT WAIT! Tower is online again! Deactivate strobes, and request permission to takeoff. You are told to do exactly what you’ve been doing for the last 10+ minutes…hold short of the runway. Out of boredom, you look at the map and see that the closest aircraft on approach is 12 nautical miles out! Not wanting to be rude, you wait for it to land. After it lands, you wait another 5 minutes. Tower hasn’t contacted you. Instead, tower is contacting another aircraft which is over 10 nautical miles out on approach. You know you can takeoff before it has to worry about “jetwash” or anything of the sort, so you resend your request to takeoff. Nope. Hold short. By this time, the line behind you is a sizable 15 aircraft. Oh boy. A few of them are just taxing to the front at this point. Eventually half the line is taxing through you (it was at this point that I decided “ah screw it” and left).

That’s the scenario I just experienced. More or less however it was just confusing and a bit comical in my opinion. You guys have any funny experiences with ATC or while taxing?

Does this fall under Live-ATC as well? Not entirely sure.

(I failed to mention that I watched 60% of these landings end with the pilots almost front-flipping their aircraft, and a whole bunch of Tomcats and Raptors decided to fly over at supersonic speeds)


Yes, this would count as #live:atc. And to avoid being annoyed:

Fly Expert!


11/10 Training Server


Just fly Expert…


Sadly I’m grade 1, however I have 5 more landings to grade 2!


Need more like you on expert!


So true! I couldn’t have described it any better my friend…😂😂😂

What aircraft were you in? KNUC is a military airport
And yes, I know that many of the people in civilian planes there are not on this forum, but if everyone here flew in military instead, we’d be setting a good example.


Usually I fly out of KNUC in a C-130J-30, but today I was in a B739.

@Ben_Schenk… Let’s get "real " Ben. KNUC & the Island is a “Restricted Naval Warfare site” the NOTAM for this field is explicit. No civilian aircraft without prior approvals. KNUC and most other military fields in IF’s are also restricted to military traffic. Reality and popular demand don’t mix well.
It’s been said repeatedly FDS restrict for size and Restrict IAW. RW NOTAMS.
Max Sends


You actually take the time to turn the strobes on and off? Haha

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Of course, it’s a rule/reg in the FAA and IF to turn strobes on when crossing a runway, taking off, or when below 10000 feet MSL.


@anon71586090. Think your confusing the FL100 rule. Landing light off above FL100. Strobes on; Entering rway, in Flight, Off upon exiting rway after flight.


Strobes on above FL100? Huh, guess I’ve been doing it wrong. Whoops :P

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I was the aircraft landing LOL

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@anon71586090… Good man. Some consider Strobe;'s AntiCollision Lights, Ya need to see and be seen when your aviating! (FYI, FAA has a Landing Lights on All the Time volunteer safety program ongoing)

I would just takeoff without permission as soon as I realized what the controller was doing. The only way they’re gonna learn is if they see that planes can easily takeoff within that timeframe.


I just turn them on at the gate and don’t worry about them for the rest of the time. Too much to worry about

This made my day:)

Exactly. Military airports should not be receiving passenger traffic.

@CPKJ And what example does that show? Then more and more people will takeoff without permission. We have enough nimrods, don’t need any more.