Sometimes landing planes are impossible to see

This is a bit of a bug report.

As most people are probably aware, if there are too many planes around you, the ones further away show as white squares. When viewed from the ground, the white square of a landing plane sometimes become invisible because of the sky background, and for some reason, the text showing callsign/username does not show. The only way to actually see the plane is the map.

The exact bug is that the white square blends into the background in certain conditions. A different color might be needed.

Is there any fix for this?

did you just make a duplicate of your own post Show heading of invisible airplanes on ground lmao.

anyways, as far as I know there isn’t much you can do to increase contrast. maybe try increasing the number of planes rendered.

No that one is related to a plane stopped on a taxiway.

There is only a certain number pf aircraft that can be visibly shown at one time. I don’t know why, but i believe it is because of battery life, and to allow the game to run smoothly. (don’t quote me on that)

It’s because mobile devices are limited in terms of performance. The more aircraft you have on screen, the higher the processing power required to render them in. At a busy airport that can have more than 25 aircraft at an airport, device performance would take a massive hit and your experience would suffer. Unfortunately it’s highly unlikely that will change any time soon as we are bottlenecked by mobile device performance 🤷


If the bottleneck is device performance, I wish there was a higher option, as my iPad runs IF at max settings without dropping a frame. And when there are a lot of aircraft on the ground, the game often chooses to render all of those planes instead of the one landing.

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It’s not. White squares always show. They need to be a different color though…

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