Sometimes I cant here the ATC and all audio is quite quiet

Hello IFC. Today I was flying and the audio for the plane and ATC was quite quiet. Then at some points I got ATC instructions and I heard nothing at all. So the fact I heard some but not all means it’s not a text to speak issue. All my volumes for my device and IF are uo full. I realy dont want to have to do a re install and loose all my replay but if I need to I reluctantly will. The audio works fine on my phone. Thanks.

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Hmm… @schyllberg?

If you dont have anything to say about the topic dont comment. And you dont need to tag him because he is head of the support he will get a notification ;)

I can’t explain this. This makes no sense to me.

Have you tried a restart?

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@Gtmkm98 The reasons I’m asking you not to comment before I got flagged was so we dont clog up the fourm.

Of my phone or IF?

On Infinite flight

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How do I restart IF?

Just exit out of Infinite flight, make sure you closed the application all the way, and then log back in


Back in 1 min

This happens to me a lot as a controller. It is a real pain. It pops in and out. Nothing I can seem to do about it, just either wait until it comes back or restart the game for me. 🤷‍♂️

I’d suggest what you’re already trying, a restart, then if necessary a re-install. This will delete all your replays.

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@Scandanavian54super that’s fixed the problem! Thanks so much.

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