Sometimes aircrafts are temporarily invisible

Hello IFC. I hope you are all doing well and enjoy your flights like I do. Here is something that I noticed and I thought it might be good to share this with you to help you and myself to improve our flying experience:

Many times, especially at very busy and crowded airports, I see aircrafts temporarily disappearing and I can only see the little square and the callsign of the plane. Sometimes when this happened during some of my flights, at the time when that plane was invisible, I accidentally taxied into that plane. And after a while the plane reappeared again and suddenly I find my self like “oh dear…I’m in another plane”. I was lucky no other plane was behind so I could push back a little bit.

That’s why I would like to make a recommendation to everyone, including myself, to be more aware by monitoring our map or mini map. Planes are always visible on the map. So if we keep an eye on our map, that immediately reduces the chance of accidentally taxiing into others.

I hope I helped even a little bit to make our flight experience easier and more fun.

Take care of your selves, be safe and God bless you all 🙂🥰

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By chance, was your aircraft count set to low or none? You can find this under settings.

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This problem also happens to me for some reason even when my graphics are on the highest setting, and airplane count is on the highest. It might be something with rendering or so.

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Like said above, check your airplane count.

Even at “Very High”, it will load up to about 25 or so aircraft. You’ll see the closest to you show up rather the pilots far away.

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My aircraft count is set to normal 🙂

Thanks for the advice mate. But that’s exactly the thing: often I am right behind a plane and in front of another plane, but still I see only the little squares and the callsigns above, but not the planes

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Yea, you should be able to see them if you have it set on “Very High.”

Possibly it’s your performance of the device your using?

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Yeah sometimes the planes will disappear and then Reappear it’s weird

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Another common cause is your device doesn’t have the model and/or livery for the aircraft appearing invisible downloaded|cached both by design (say when an unreleased aircraft being tested) or as the result of some other underlying network or latency issue.

Happened to me twice today but both resolved quickly by just waiting.


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