Something wrong with Urumqi timezone?

Fun fact: Urumqi timezone is the same with any other city in China. (Yes it occupies a part of the Earth but the timezone uniquely stays the same). Which means GMT +8. As of right now it should be 1624Z or 10:24pm local time. Just found out after departing from ZWWW and setting the time to current.

The above picture shows an error of 2 hours.

While I know that China is all in one timezone, this is only something the devs can fix. Also the should be in #support.


Yet another problem with the date. As you can see in the picture, it’s GMT +9, which means 9 hours behind Zulu time in IF. (It’s + but it’s behind? Yeah created a thread before recently and no one seem to have saw it) Zulu time right now is 2:04am 6 Nov 2018. But this picture shows also 6 Nov 2018. I wonder how can it be 6 Nov 2018 when I’m past Hawaiian islands and the IDL. Shouldn’t it be a day before 5 Nov 2018? The timing is correct though it’s just the date of the month.

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