Something wrong with APPR on 772?

So I just got the new update and and the first thing I did was try an APPR approach for 28R at KSFO in the 772. I ended up 25 feet left of the runway!!!

Any ideas as the what the heck happened?

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Looks like ILS didn’t get updated when runway shifted.

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I’ll look into this.


I think this may have something to do with navigational editing. Maybe @Henrik can fix this?


Good to know there’s nothing wrong with the plane! 😀


Looks like something was shifted at KSFO and wasn’t updated in the navigation files. Cameron has already handled it - should be fixed in the next navigation push.

Also, APPR will take you to the threshold, if there’s wind, which there was at KSFO, you also need to use the rudder and keep yourself on the runway :)

Does that come in the next update?

Yes, it does. We could get it earlier if we really wanted to, but it’s not worth it for such a minor issue. The developers could spend that time to build features instead. :)

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No wind, I was in solo mode. :)

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