Something wrong at LAX

Device:iPhone X
Operating system:15.4.1

There are these weird buildings sticking out of LAX to recreate Spawn in at Santa Monica South ramp and look towards LAX

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Has it reoccurred multiple times?

No It only happened today

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Sorry, I don’t know much about technology or the inner workings or whatever you call it but if it only happened once shouldn’t it be ok?

Yeah but I think it’s weird seeing these sticking in the air above Lax

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I just spawned in and looked over to LAX and everything was normal

This issue has been reported multiple times at various airports recently. It isn’t something that’s limited to just LAX. I don’t know if any staff have said anything about this yet, but I’m sure they’re well aware of the issue.

If you’re able to consistently reproduce this issue after multiple restarts, please do let us know how you can reproduce this.


I just re-checked and it’s gone now

See @LordWizrak’s post ;)