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This is not a question or support-related topic. It is just an example video of what you can do using some F14’s physic

Today I want to show you some um…strange moments of flight flight with F14. I was really surprised when I experienced it for the time.

How to do: 1) You must reach speed around 1300-1400 knots. Try to maintain low VS, near 0 ft/min. 2) Then sharply lift the phone/tablet up and hold for 1-2 seconds and lower to normal position.

You can download replay here: Share My Infinite Flight

Link to the video: - YouTube


Wow, umm, alright there, no need to have Cirque de Soleil in Infinite flight, lol
Pretty interesting trick

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•_____________• wow

yeah as a big time F-14 player I understand your pain of this old model.

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