Something weird happened during the flight

Hi, I wanted to report if the developers do not know, although I do not think, yesterday I was doing an 11-hour flight, the simulator was frozen throughout the night, when I woke up nothing had progressed, my phone did not charge, it warmed up a bit and I could not advance, the device spent 9 hours working, the strange thing is that the application did not close.
In addition, I was using an IPhone XR


That sounds odd… maybe a notification might’ve caused this?

I think he’s talking about the fact that he got not new stats from his flight at all, which is event more weird

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It sounds like IF froze (or “crashed”) and remained on your screen in the same state as when it froze. This can happen sometimes. But a known issue on iOS devices right now is a memory leak which has been pinpointed, and a fix should be coming soon. For now, turn your camera view to the sky so no ground is showing at all, which will prevent the scenery from loading. Find more here:

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