Something was off

Just now, I was doing a quick flight in a 737.

Right from the start, something was off.

Taxiing was different. I didn’t reach V1 when I was supposed to.
I got airborne and steering was a bit off too.

I decided to land as soon as possible and was planning on rebooting my iPad. I’ve experienced similar issues that were solved by a reboot.

Luckily it was on Casual, so it didn’t cause any issues with ATC.

During shutdown I found out that something really was off. Engine #2!! 😂

Somehow my iPad hadn’t registered me tapping the Engine 2 Start button.

I’ve had touchscreen issues several times before, but this time I didn’t notice.

Preventing issues like these is also a good reason to use checklists. 😀

Never a dull moment in IF.


Yeah this can happen sometimes when using two fingers on the touch screen. Sometimes I put the brakes on but it doesn’t register me turning them off so if I stop while taxiing you know why :)


I’ve had that as well. Many times.
I also overshot the stop line at the gate because of it, but you can’t miss that. I totally missed the engine in this case.


Haha if my aircraft doesn’t gain speed as quick as it usually does I always check the engines, once I only had one on but noticed immediately that it wasn’t speeding up as quick and it turned on just in time for rotation 😂 after it happens once you usually get into the habit of checking them.

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Great story it happened to me too last month or so I was heading out of KORD with the DC 10 I thought I had everything right as soon as I took off I got zero lift and crashed , so I retried again and same thing. I than noticed I only had two engines running . Lessons learned even from a seasoned infinite flyer myself ! Checklists is awesome as well as ifinite assistant!

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I just finished a flight and when I went to get ready to drop my flaps I had 5 degrees down… I flew 12 hours with 5 degrees down of flaps…

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I use a keyboard to control the flaps, gear, brakes, etc. You just can’t control SB & NS and the engines.

Yeah same thing happened to me in the CRJ 700.I did my whole flight on only two engines it was when I was on final that I noticed one engine was off.

Similarly, when the engine start up feature came into place and disabled the auto start on spawn, I didn’t realise at first and spent ages trying to work out why the volume wasn’t working on the device. It was, though, and the engines were just off.

Good times.

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Same thing happened to me few weeks back when I was doing KLAS -EGKK. I was wondering why my 747 was taxiing so slow. Turns out Engines 3 and 4 were off 😅😔

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@Jan have you ever had the iPad screen repaired?

No. It seems to be an issue with my fingers.

😂 Don’t worry about it. I made the same mistake a few times as well. First thing that I do when I take off is check my N1. If its orange, then something is off. Either too much power or an engine off. Just a little tip.


Now you mention it, I noticed that too, but I hadn’t seen it before and didn’t know what it meant.

Never too late to learn new things. 😉Its the minor things that make the difference between you taking off and aborting a takeoff.


Okay, lemme tell you a little story on casual. I’m pushing back, and tap the right engine to turn on. It works
I enter the taxiway, and turn on the other, or so I thought. I had actually tapped the other engine and turned off both engines. I was in a CRJ, and I look behind me, and I see a 747 going 40 GS right towards my tail. I swear. People really tryna reproduce aircraft

This is intresting topic. My story in this case is I was flying all day, had done LAX-SJC-DAL and was on my way to San Diego. I always fly for Southwest so I fly professionaly. So you know all my flights were good and everything until the DAL-SAN flight. Before the flight I had made sure everything was right I triple checked and I had up to 4:30 minutes of fuel more than enough just incase. So im cruising near Phoenix just east at the time, and Im monotering the fuel and stuff when I see that engine number 1 turned off. So I was like ok maybe an bug, I attempt to restart and everything goes wrong. That cut my fuel about 2hrs short so now I had 45 minutes of fuel left and I was about an hour out from LAX and there was atc in SoCal that day so I decided to not head that way just incase and instead diverted to PHX. At this point I was NW of PHX and had to act quickly. Luckily I managed to get on the ground safely. So my first emergency landing and engine failure in IF went well lol. Long story short I never found out what caused the issue lol

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