Something to Think About While Flying...

Okay, imagine that this is your first flight ever in the real world, and you’ve decided to bring your family along to experience your first takeoff and landing. You’ve bought a brand new aircraft (I chose the A318 ACJ), and you can’t wait to get started. Put your passengers on the amount of family members you bought, and take to the skies. I did this once, and it seriously made me more careful and aware of my actions while flying. When I touched down, it was such an unnerving and “make you wanna cry” moment. :’)


I shall think about this.

I like to do these “family trips” from Denver to Aspen, TNCM - TAPA, LAX-MMTJ or similar in a A318 or CCX. It´s like it could be real life, and it is for some. And it just feels like living a dream (Flying your family to some place in your Private Jet)


Yes, it’s quite euphoric. Especially while listening to some great music. :)

(Which is kinda unrealistic, but music intensifies your feelings.😌)

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Also, I always wanted to take my family somewhere nice, so I’ll definitely fly from KJFK (I live in NYC) to PHNL. I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii. :)

Actually, I’m gonna put that in my logbook for Global Flight right now.

Sorry but been to Hawaii 5 times. So I won’t take my parents there but to Toronto. It’s a nice place.


Then I’ll take them to Paris two weeks later. ;)

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Listening to music isn’t unrealistic. Go look up the Bose headsets. What is in realistic is first family flight in an Airbus a318. More likely it’s gonna be in some Piper or cessna


I imagine that I’m Willy Wonka flying that elevator thingy…this is incredibly accurate because I take off, go for a short ways, stall on decent and crash into someones house.

RIP Mr. Wilder.


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Becareful! Someone tried this and it didn’t go well…


This is an amazing idea!! And the music really makes sense! I’m going to try this out as soon as I can :) thanks for the ideas

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