Something to make you go haha

A glitch!

FAOR to FACT with Airlink on Expert server


Can’t find that haha, refund requested.


I think it’s supposed to be that there are stairs connecting to the plane while a jet bridge is

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If this is C3, it’s been noted and will be fixed. If not, please let me know so I can address it.



C3? Do elaborate. Ironically, this gate is next to C3 - C2.

There was an issue with all of the C gates. The jetways were trying to connect to “Charly Apron Terminal 1/Gate C[NUMBER].” However, the gates are designated as “Charlie Apron Terminal 1.” The discrepancy with the different spellings caused the issue.

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Yeah, thats a jetbridge misconfiguration. Also reported one some time ago at ESSA.

Oh! There was also an issue with the E Gates at FAOR; I noticed this a while back and I hope it can also be fixed. If you want to start or end your flight at FAOR and you do not want to experience the glitch, I suggest you pick the A-Gates

I fixed those as well. They will all be operable in 23.2.

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Thank you!

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