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sometimes people like to escort others and they stay close to the person they are escorting on the advanced server and we or maybe it’s just me find that the are just trolling so we ghost them if they don’t turn for spacing or reduce speed. Just like how when people announce landing it says “full stop” can we add “escorting” so we know they are staying close to the person or persons ahead for a reason.


Here is my vote +1


I thought that was what the “flight of 2” function was for? Or am I mistaken?


@Danman I thought the same thing


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How do we fix trollers. I suppose we could ghost a ton of them but they could just come back. If we ban them, they will b*tch and whine for a refund and a serious player who accidentally did something bad could be banned.

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I’m sure Matt & Philippe are doing their best to balance out behavior in the game and at the same time not lose market share. You can’t just ban paying customers ;) This is why there is a free flight server


Good point. That was more of an emotional versus realistic reply I put above this one :smile:

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I realized haha!


Arent they supposed to use Flight of x if they are flying in formation?


Yes, Dushyanth, all of the people in the “Formation” Would need it, so the controller can tell, ok so those 5 are in a formation to contact the person who’s reporting stuff.


Here’s an example even thought we both had a flight of 2 (me and the guy I was escorting
) I was till told to make spacing


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Yeah :smile: