Something that indicates when your aircraft is too big to land at an airport

I recently landed a 747-SOFIA and I got a violation for landing there. I think there should be an indication on the map that tells you the airports you can and can’t land in


There already is. You need to click on your arrival airport so it shows the info. It’all tell you if your aircraft is restricted or not.


Or you can learn when an aircraft can land somewhere by learning the airspace. B/C airspaces accept the 747/787/777 and A330/340/380. Any smaller airspave and you will get a violation.


@Ace_Gaming nailed it. Start the habit of looking at your arrival airport info. Not only will you find out if your aircraft is restricted but you can also see other valuable information like weather.


Thanks all I learned about this helpful information!

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The runway length determines it for me.

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Exactly. I fly the C-130, and ive had multiple controllers try to put me into a runway that I know off the top that I can’t handle. You just gotta know basics of your aircraft before flying.


Yes, I fly around and I see controllers trying to land me in private airfields

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I ment like airports with a long and short runway

Are you sure? We (controllers) always do what you ask, so seems quite impossible that we try to make you land in different places from what you have requested.


I’ve seen several say it’s in the airport information, but if you’re looking for precisely where:

Open up the Airport info on the map to the first tab. If your plane is too heavy, if will say “Current Airplane Restricted” under the class listing.

(Exceptions to this are within the TFRs over KEGE and KASE in the Denver region, where heavies are excluded by the TFR, rather than the airport.)

Reading on the forum it seems to be the other way around. Pilots are always required to do what ATC says and in fact we do I suppose. Also, it does not happen all the time but happened to me once I requested to land on a certain runway but I’ve got assigned to another one :)

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We can give you an other runway,is not a problem,the guy above said to another airport.

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Yeah sorry, I was referring to the ‘We (controllers) always do what you ask’.

I honestly missed the post of @Mr_ATC saying they make him land at another airport. I never acted as controller so I’m asking more out of curiosity, do you (controllers) have actually an option to divert planes to another airport?

No we don’t have,we can said "due to the traffic the airport is not accepting incoming traffic " but i see only one time in IF,when we give you another runway is because maybe the one that you ask is for outbound or there are already traffic inbound,is not because we don’t want to give you…

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Yes sure, the runway point is clear to me, I always do what the ATC tells me to do anyway, do not worry for me! ;)

But I thought that the ATC wasn’t able to divert and that’s why I asked, thanks for confirming that. At this point I’m wondering what @Mr_ATC is talking about? :)

But I can’t do that because I don’t have Live. I agree, we need something better, at least for solo.

Hi @Seb2104, I too had to learn the hard way about this, but after some research and reading on the community I’ve never gotten a violation like this again after the first one. As those above have mentioned, it’s the responsibility of the pilot (you) to check these types of variables. Not just airport restrictions, but also towered/non-towered airports, if there is approach active or not, active runways, the best approach if there is terrain/mountains close to the airport, etc. etc…the list goes on.

I used to think that if the airport was blue, it was safe to land but that’s not the case. The good thing is, if you try to spawn at an airport using an aircraft that’s restricted, Infinite Flight will alert you and stop you from spawning.

Anyway as I always say, this too shall pass in 3 days :) Happy flying!

Sorry… i meant training servers when I fly low altitudes…

Sorry about that. I mean as long as your not landing a 747 at KMMU. You’ll be fine

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