Something Strange in Infinite Tracker

What the title says.
Look at this screenshot just token a few second ago on flight live.

I went there and their wasn’t any plane. Is this normal.

Note :my forflight was off


Contact @ValXp

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What was its standing? Any violations?


(Not Amused)


Pretty weird indeed. I create a foreflight plane in the app when I receive Foreflight data coming from the network.
The could be happening if someone else is playing infinite flight and has foreflight enabled and is using the same wifi network than you.
It happens also when you have x-plane with foreflight enabled on another computer.
If none of these applies, then 2 options are left:
Some other program/app on a computer/device connected on your wifi network is broadcasting something on the same port than foreflight: could be a peer-to-peer program that is using the same port.
Or it’s just a bug in my app :)


I don’t have anyone on my network that places these types of games also I don’t have anything else than the game running on my tablet.

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That are 3 otions left not 2 @ValXp

Hello sir ValXp, is it possible to put or display a specific player on your live tracker?thanks

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