Something’s wrong

Guys is it just me or everyone has noticed this?
It’s a LTFM…

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This is a known issue. It’s because the map is a sort of cube instead of a sphere

Because the world is modelled as a cube, a few airports have this problem. Don’t worry, it won’t affect you.

So what should I do now?

The ILS will still work, so there’s nothing to worry about there

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Yes, I agree. But what if I want to check the map to see weather I’m vertically stabilised?

Check your glide slope, the green thing next to your altitude bar

Theres always the glide slope on your hud view if that’s what you mean

And to further prove the ILS works just fine see above

👍 got it! Thanks mate! 😊

Who said that? It’s a sphere

It may be a sphere, but yes, it was modeled as a cube.

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Take a look at this post as well for a cool visual explanation:


I thought Philippe said it was a sphere 😂😅

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This has been explained multiple times in other existing topics.