Something’s wrong with the expert servers

Anyone else getting this ?

I don’t know what’s going on but I really wanted to fly this only happening in expert btw and no it’s not my WiFi because I’ve already reset my router 3 times and also switched to my data like 5 times still don’t work what’s going on? Server Maintenace or what btw also this happened while I was trying to taxi in JFK in a 773ER I lost connection to the server

nvm … it’s back So it is server maintenace ?

Yeah, im currently in the air and its trying to reconnect as crazy. All services are green except for servers

They could at least give us a heads up

Expert server has issues at the moment. They are working on a fix.


Check this thread they are aware of this


Ah Ight didn’t see this

It should be working now, It’s green! Thanks Sebastian.

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Everything should be back online now!